How to Beat Candida Overgrowth

by Ebru Bekleyen



İf You have Cancer , IBS , MS , Autism, Alzheimers, Parkinsons,
Allergies , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( Fibromyalgia ) , Asthma ,
Diabetes, Sinusitis , Panic Attack , Anxiety , Obesity , Low
Immune System , Eczema, etc. You have 100% Candida Overgrowth.
You must not eat These for almost 1 Year to kill Candida Fungus in
Your Body :

* SUGAR - and all foods that contain sugar. These include White
and Brown Sugar, Honey, Molasses , Syrups, Liquors, Lactose,
Fructose, all confectionery and Cakes, Chocolates, İce-Creams,
Soft & Energy Drinks , Biscuits , Cips, all Fruit Drinks , All Fast
Foods ( Hamburger , Hot Dog ) , French Fries

* MİLK - Because Milk contains Lactose ( İt is Sugar. )

* YEAST - and all foods that contain yeast including Breads,
Cheese , Ketchups, Mayonnaise , All Canned Foods and Mussels.

* FRESH AND DRIED FRUIT - all fruit whether fresh, cooked,
tinned or dried. as well as marmalades. You can eat Lemon, Lime,
Green Plum , White Grapefruit

* ALL PROCESSED MEATS - Sausage, Salami, All Smoked Meats

* NO GLUTEN - Wheat Flour , Corn Flour , Rice, Pasta products,
Cereal products, Soy products,

* FERMENTED PRODUCTS - all Alcoholic beverages ( Wine , Beer,
etc.) , Vinegar , Kefir , Pickles

* NUTS - Nuts that are fresh with their shells are OK.  All types
of nuts that are cleaned and packaged without their shells - these
have a tendency to collect fungal spores and molds from the
atmosphere which will antagonize the Candida.

* OİL - Canola Oil , Sunflower Oil , Soybean Oil


* NO STARCHY FOODS : Potato , Pea, Chickpeas ,Chestnut etc.

* MUSHROOMS - all types, including Chinese mushrooms such
as Shitake.

Most Other Foods are Allowed.


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