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It'snot really Insomnia

June 22nd, 2015

It's 11pm and  I would on most days be getting ready for bed, but I don't start work til 11am tomorrow. This blog isn't focused on anything except what I happen to be thinking about before I go to sleep or when I suddenly wake up early or in the middle of the night. It was Father's Day today. I feel grateful to have 2 great kids. They aren't great because I have done anything. I only watched their adult lives unfold, and I am happy that they are both doing well. 

Tomorrow is first day at my new job. Promotion from Team Lead to Supervisor. I am Happy and Excited and Grateful for the opportunity all at the same time. My life is "falling into place." Well, not so much by fate- more so by changing my life view 2013 and 2014.  I have had perfect attendance at work from about 18 months ago. Thanks, Bicycle. I started riding the bike 13 miles roundtrip to work in summer of 2013. First year I rode it thru rain and snow no matter what. I became focussed and passionate in "what do I have to do to make it to work on time?" Hand warmers, 3 pairs of gloves, mountain tires for snow, special lights for when its dark at 5:20, whatever it took. The $2444.00 in attendance bonuses turned out to be money that I needed. Also, thanks for good health, But how can you not be healthy with daily exercise and a pretty good diet? The point here is making a decision and taking action. It isn''t easy, but once you do it, it becomes easy.